Insights Discovery

    If you’ve ever wondered why you seem to work better with some people than others or communicate easily with some while struggling to do so with others, then Insights Discovery may be the perfect solution for you.

    Insights Discovery is a brilliant tool to help you improve self-awareness and to understand why other people behave in the way that they do. This can lead to better relationships with customers, colleagues, people you report to or who report to you, as well as the people outside of your working life.

    CPC uses Insights Discovery to help with a range of development issues and we tailor how it’s used to match your requirements. It’s great to help develop teamwork or leadership skills on a standalone basis or as part of a wider programme. It’s really effective at improving general communication within a business or for specific development needs covered in individual coaching.

    The results are always the same – increased self-awareness and enhanced communications, relationships and performance. It’s also a fun and memorable experience and we always get brilliant feedback from the people who have used it.

    How does it work?

    Each person receives an Insights Discovery Personal Profile after completing a brief on-line questionnaire. The 20+ page profile provides an accurate and detailed understanding of each person’s style and how this impacts on their relationships. The profile outlines key strengths and weaknesses, value to the team, communication style, possible blind spots, opposite type and suggestions for development.

    Additional chapters can be added to the profile that cover management development, effective selling and interviewing.

    The key features of Insights Discovery are that:

    • Everyone is unique and so is their Insights Discovery Personal Profile
    • It uses positive, supportive language that promotes an “I’m ok, you’re ok” perspective
    • The process is continually validated for accuracy
    • It helps people to understand their personal style and how it impacts on others
    • It enables people to develop their interpersonal skills, improving team performance and creating a more positive, productive cultural environment
    • It’s easy to understand and remember and so makes long-term application and change far more likely

    To learn more about Insights Discovery, how it can help you or your organisation and how CPC can provide this help, contact Gareth Phillips on 07736 333747 or email


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